Manufacturer, Exporter & Provider Of Smart Farming Solutions

The global warming phenomenon; with its induced climate change and temperature rise, renders itself as a major challenge for modern agriculture.

Such environmental parameters trigger the need for reliable tools in order to measure and enable a safe, productive and qualitative development in the field of agriculture, allowing to sustain our current needs without compromising those of the future generations.

The greenhouse cultivation on-going trend has shown its tremendous potential in order to cope with climate change, allowing farmers to maintain their productivity despite the inherent and variable conditions of their environment.

We, at LeBio, firmly believe that smart farming embody the future of modern agriculture.

Thus, over the last five years, we have developed a ground-breaking smart farming solution, symbiotek, that finds itself implemented in the form of an automated wireless greenhouse management system comprising three major innovative products: spectralX our shading and light-adjusting net technology; a portable spectrophotometer, spectromob; and our greenhouse climate control board, gaia.

symbiotek arborescence

These three products enable synergies within the greenhouse in order to perpetuate greater yields.

spectralX, our shading and light-adjusting net, is at the forefront of technology. It comes with a portable spectrophotometer, spectromob, which controls the humidity, solar spectrum and CO2 levels through multiple sensors. Spectromob also enables a real-time display of the data on its dedicated screen. This same data is collected and transmitted wirelessly in real time through ZigBee & Wifi in order to be processed by the greenhouse climate control board, gaia. The data is then accessible and allows one to take decisions with regards to given needs. gaia also permits to pre-set automated actions that fit the requirements of your plants. Those pre-set parameters will automatically be applied when required.

In the end, our solution skyrockets the plant growth without compromising its final excellence.