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23Nov 2016

Our neighbor , who runs a bio-farm, using LeBio magenta light adjusting nets series. Which fulfill the plants needs for executing photosynthesis, red light, blue light are what plants need. _The specialty of magenta light adjusting nets series is that it create lots of diffused light. _In the meantime, it also adjust the ratio of […]

08Nov 2016

After we attend the Japanese exhibition  AGRI world last month our Japanese agent put a new order to LeBio. They ordered one pallet of  32 mesh light adjusting magenta net to let their Japanese customer try our net. LeBio ship it urgently to Japan. Our Taiwanese customer in Meinong , Kaohsiung using our 32 mesh […]

26Oct 2016

Autumn is here, but the weather in Taiwan is so warm. The ultraviolet ray is so strong like in summer. The strong sunlight make vegetables become very soft some of them are even wither. So farmers cover the 50% or 60% black shading net hastily for the plants. To resist the extreme weather on the […]

14Oct 2016

Hainan Island- high temperature and high humidity Our customer in Hainan Island is ready to applied SpectralX product series in their farm. The goods are ready to ship to Hainan Island and they plan to grow pineapple, pitaya, melon, honeydew and cuke.   Shipping item: 1. Knitted net_60%80% Woven anti-insect net_32 mesh 3.Rib mesh orchid […]

12Oct 2016

Photosynthesis provide nutrition for plants’ vegetative growth and reproductive growth and produce secondary metabolites in order to resist external factor and hazard, for example high temperature, strong light, sunburn and aging. Keep secondary metabolites in plants and its fruit. Reduce run off the secondary metabolites taken from nature. This is so called” Grab food from […]

22Aug 2016

Dear Smart Farmers folks, Our new itemization of spectralX came out and we are excited to introduce its pioneering features. As you all know, the sun intensity is very strong at this particular time of the year. spectralX is here to solve such issue as this new itemization is designed for summer sunlight. It cuts […]

25Jul 2016

Performance drives satisfaction. One of our dearest customer got himself a new stack of our smart and light-adjusting agriculture net as the first trials have been very much conclusive: his papaya’s have grown bigger, and are tastier. What else? Find more about spectralX here:  

27Jun 2016

spectralX makes its debut in Hokkaido, Japan. One of our dearest customer has started to use our smart shading and light-adjusting farming net in Hokkaido. They already have started the plantation of cherry tomatoes in their greenhouse: “We are really looking forward to the outcomes nurtured by spectralX”. The harvest is expecting to happen next […]

08Jun 2016

Good news ahead, dear folks. As we are attending Greentech 2016, we have decided to set-up a very special launching price for our soon-to-be infamous 3-in-1 spectrophotometer, namely spectromob. Please allow us to recall its main pioneering features, before we disclose the crucial information: Light, CO2 and climate (temperature and humidity) Wavelength range: 340~850 nm Measurement […]

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