spectralX – Smart Shading & Light Adjusting Agriculture Net

Spectral X is a new type of agriculture nets made of 100% High-Density Polyethylene thread that adjusts the sunlight spectrum and RGB spectrum ratio to improve plants' health and growth overtime and perpetuate greater yields.

spectralX – Smart Shading & Light Adjusting Agriculture Net

spectralX is a ground-breaking patented type of agriculture net. Made of 100% High-Density Magenta Polyethylene thread, spectralX adjusts the sunlight spectrum and RGB spectrum ratio to improve the plants health and growth. spectralX adjusts the sunlight directly into the greenhouse. It shelters and shades the plants in order to address optimally the photosynthetic needs of those.

Our spectralX smart agriculture net comes in various forms such as a knitted shading net,  a woven anti-insect shading net and a plastic film.

spectralX – your benefits.

  • Adjustable sunlight to address the plant needs
  • 5 to 10% reduction in watering ✱
  • 2 to 4°C reduction in-house temperature ✱
  • Early crops: tame the seasonality
  • Optimal maturation
  • Greater yields
  • Extended shelf-life in store
  • Reduced risks of insect pests and crop losses
  • Reduced need for agrochemicals
  • Avoidance of midday withering phenomenon

✱ Results based upon real conditions testing in Taiwan

Comparison with common agriculture nets


spectralX general specifications

  • Knitted Round string: PKA 50% / PKA 60% / PKA 70% / PKA 80%
  • Woven Flat string: PWA 16 mesh / PWA 24 mesh / PWA 32 mesh
  • Rib net(Orchid net): PRA 0910 / PRA 1210
  • Plastic Film (retains the heat and block out the rain): PFA 1600 thickneess = 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.25 mm

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More suitable sunlight spectrum for plants photosynthesis ? Know more...

Sunlight ‘ spectrum of Knitted Shade net , PE Film and PC sheet. Sunlight ‘ spectrum and intensity in available commercially agriculture product of PE film , PC sheet and LeBio pink. PE film blocked parts of UV light and keep 85%~90% Sunlight ‘ spectrum and intensity. PC sheet blocked some parts of UV light and 20% of Blue light , and the others keep 90% Sunlight ‘ spectrum and intensity. [SEE MORE]


Experiment in organic vegetable farm: the Tainan SBIR organic vegetables farm uses our “Adjusting Sunlight Agriculture Net” and film. Here are photos of the first phase of the experiment, in August and September 2015. [SEE MORE]