Our neighbor , who runs a bio-farm, using LeBio magenta light adjusting nets series. Which fulfill the plants needs for executing photosynthesis, red light, blue light are what plants need.

_The specialty of magenta light adjusting nets series is that it create lots of diffused light.

_In the meantime, it also adjust the ratio of red light and blue light.

_It adjust and reduce the green light ration inside the greenhouse.

_Therefore the temperature inside the greenhouse drop for 2~7 degree Celsius.

Please take a look at the picture, which is taken at the outside if greenhouse. The diffused sunlight pouring on the entire plantation facility. This is the main reason that plants save their stamina, grow faster, increase the harvest, taste and sweetness, need not to resist the extra sunlight.

_Would this cause any bad effect for plants???!!!

_The effect for different plants is the same, the difference is only the effect percentage.

_You have to slightly adjust your farming S.O.P., we promise it would produce no bad effect for plants.


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