From LeBio Orchids to LeBio Smart Farming Solutions

LeBio is the proud result of CEO’s Tony WU 35 years of on-the-field experience. Starting his career as an orchid breeder, he impulses avant-garde dynamics within the industry and its business which flourishes overtime. Many of the orchid species engendered by its expertise have been patented and exported worldwide.

However, his practical experience allows him to be exposed to the technical and technological major challenges encountered by horticulture businesses. In addition to that, the global warming phenomenon; with its induced climate change and temperature rise, renders itself as a major challenge for modern agriculture as much as for its own business. Tony WU realizes that such environmental parameters trigger the need for reliable tools in order to measure and enable a safe, productive and qualitative development in the field of agriculture, allowing to sustain our current needs without compromising those of the future generations.

As those key tools are nowhere to be found, Tony WU decides to capitalize on his expertise in order to impulse new Research & Development dynamics for the industry. Intrigued by Doctor Michael J. Kasperbauer remarkable researches on the photosynthetic response, Tony WU decides to pursue various experiences in order to develop smart technologies able to cope with the challenges evoked above.

In order to achieve fortitude in his endeavor, LeBio Smart Farming Solutions is created in 2007; to reunite passion, dedication, expertise and business savvy. Since then, synergies are implemented through cooperative actions led with Tony WU’s electronic appliance company, Lemar. The enterprise act as a key player to support the constant R&D effort of LeBio Smart Farming Solutions. It is noteworthy that Lemar plays a core role within LeBio Smart Farming Solutions’ supply chain as a reliable subcontractor providing much-needed first class electronic components for the technologies developed by LeBio’s engineers.

As of today, LeBio has developed a turnkey smart farming solution that comprise three major avant-garde products that enables greater yields as much as excellent crops quality wise.


LeBio’s endeavour is to provide a first-class technology based smart farming solution in order to:

  • skyrocket the productivity and the quality of any greenhouse cultivation
  • facilitate the farmer’s daily operations through user friendly and automated processes, going with a dedicated and reactive customer support
  • manage the greenhouse efficiently so as to perpetuate greater yields overtime
  • reduce the use of chemicals within the cultivation area as much as the costs and draw backs that may arise from it
  • provide top-range proactive advices and support in the implementation of the solution for any given cultivation
  • exemplify a responsive, relevant and transparent corporate structure through a first-rate business relationship that focuses on a long-term win-win approaches and shared benefits for all


LeBio thrives to achieve excellence in its R&D as it is the inherent condition to its success. In the years to come, LeBio will be fully dedicated to:

  • develop its portfolio of precision agriculture solutions to meet the requirements of the market demand
  • generate added value in its solutions to achieve greater efficiency, and ultimately, better yields
  • pursue its efforts in order to promote a responsible smart farming without compromising the economic endeavour related to the supply of basic commodities
  • emphasize responsible and responsive dynamics within the industry with regards to the use of smart solutions
  • promote sustainable development practices as much as the intricate necessity for socially responsible and ethical corporate behaviours in the field of agriculture
  • secure the ability of the human kind to supply the currently growing food demand without compromising the ability of future generations to answer their own needs
  • achieve intra and extra industries synergies in order to optimize the current or soon-to-be-released solutions